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What's your Life like right Now?

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

I want to take a moment to ask: What’s your life like right now? Juggling work with little kids screaming around you, struggling with being isolated alone and wishing for a hug, working as an

essential worker still going out every day, introverts loving this period, extroverts pulling their hair out etc. This made me curious about what your days are like right now. What 10 things do you love/hate during this time.

Here are some of mine, feel free to comment yours:


- How people are there for each other

- Having my fur babies around me whole day

- I can work from home

- Quality time with the man

- Online workouts

- Playing board games

- My friends checking in everyday

- Reflecting on what is important in life / lessons

- Making treats that was last eaten as a child

- Learning new things


- Cleaning the house (wish my helper could have stayed with me)

- Not seeing my friends (SOCIALIZING)

- Not being able to just jump in my car and drive

- That I can’t go for a RUN

- I miss weekly Shopping

- Champagne is on the last bottle

- No gel nails

- No Vida Coffee

- Not knowing when this will end

- The stupid people that are not listening

What are you wearing at home every day? (feel free to post a picture), mine is leggings or sweatpants with a t-shirt.

I’d love to hear your comments!⬇⬇⬇⬇

Also lookout for some of our WTF followers diaries during lockdown. It is very entertaining.

Peace out ladies👊

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