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Corona Lockdown Diaries Day 4 to 7 - Janine Swanich Atkins aka The Dog Lady🐶

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

The struggle is real and the "CRAZY" increases daily. Slowly the sanity is leaving the body of Janine. If you look at day 4-6 it was mellow in comparison to day 7 where the bomb went off. The up and down emotional roller coaster diaries of a woman during lockdown. Enjoy the read with compliments from Janine and her lockdown crew.

Day 4

Lockdown was uneventful. Worked on some client emails. Cleaned parts of house, washing. 7 year old hungry all day.

Day 5

...cleaned again. Dust seems to fly in all day. I swept up enough dog hair and grass to fill a queen size duvet. Scarlett got grounded for stealing her cell phone instead of reading like I told her to do. Atleast my dogs are speaking to me!

Day 6

....guess what I woke up to on day 6? It blatantly stared at me, I could not miss it... A NEW fat roll, that's what I woke up to.😱😫

Going to go and eat an apple and pretend it's toast with Nutella on it!

Day 7

Well what can we say about day 7? Pretty much same as yesterday... Worked on client emails most of the day, still in yucky pajamas, will attempt to shower at 5pm when the work day is officially over and I can step out of this non-sexy house uniform.

Laundry... It does not stop does it? We have about 20 dinner plates, yet we seem to use them all up in a day. My family sadly have amnesia. Everyone has forgotten how to feed themselves. It's a most bizarre disorder.

Scarlett wiped down all the skirting thingies on floors today while Aerin swept and mopped floors. If you don't ask/threaten, it clearly ain't gonna clean itself.

I tried to do homeschooling with Scarlett. Twice. It ended up in both of us having big melt - downs. New respect for teachers. Dogs follow me around. All. The. Time. Stalkers.

I am angry at the snack cupboard because I know there is delicious snacks inside that I may not eat. But I bought them. But I also don't want to share. Not sure if any women feel the same, but bras really are not necessary, ever. Think I'll go back to work without them. I do miss wearing pretty shoes and matching handbag, but not worth the effort to dress up for the traffic from bedroom to lounge. When a car drives past the house, I think "you lucky f*cker, how do you do it?"

Anyways, I hope everyone is well and mentally sane. I was going to do an online zumba class. Then saw it had to be on Zoom. That meant getting out pajamas. And if I'm dressed it means I must leave house and go out. But to where as nothing is needed from shop. The struggle is real for non-homebodies.

Oh wait, the husband has just asked me on a date for a sun downer upstairs. Best I go brush my hair❤

All woman need to share their "CRAZY"; together we will keep each other sane!!

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