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Lesson #1 during Corona - Does it really matter how we Look?

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Corona made of all us overthink everything during this trying time of isolation:

- why is this happening?

- what is the reason is it a higher power telling us something

- planet earth wanting us to take better take care?

- do we needed be grounded again and remember what life is about?

So many questions with no clear answers. We are definitely being taught some hard lessons and it is just the start. For a long time, I have wanted to start a blog on all different topics and today it was as clear as daylight what I need to write about: "Lessons learned during Corona." The life changing affect of Corona on me as a person and how it will change the world. Realizing what is important in life.

I have been in isolation for a week now not wearing make up for days on end. I have no reason to dress up, show up and look good. This was one of the things that has triggered me during this time, does it really matter how we look? Who has a six pack and no wrinkles and posts 30 bikini photos a day? Is it worth all the effort living that life to look perfect all the time only to end up in isolation where no one really cares how you look and what you wearing?

There are bigger things to think about and worry about. This brings me back to the positive facts of why this is happening to the world. Social media has made the new generation into humans that only worry about themselves and their looks. It is about selfies and pouting and getting social recognition daily all about how we perceive each other on the outside, everything is skin deep. Is it necessary to spend 2 hours a day in gym and 2 hours getting ready to look perfect for who? Does mother earth and nature care about our looks? Does your dog who has unconditional love in the purest form care what you wearing or what the price tag was, if your roots are done and you look perfect? The is answer is no, because they know what love is. So why do we think we need to be perfect to be loved when the most innocent which are animals do not love you because of looks and what you have. When a baby is born a mother looks at her worst being worn out, tired, drained and still that baby looks into the eyes of their mother and loves her no matter what she looks like it is the unconditional love. If it is real love, looks do not matter!

Do we know what unconditional love is in today's world or is there a reason why all of this is happening to show us what life is about.

Lesson #1 from Corona: It does not matter what we look like, that is not our reason for existence.

Dear Humans remember where you came from, beauty fades and is temporarily. The best lessons are learned during the hardest time. Use this time to reflect on what is important.

Look out for more lessons learned during #Corona

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