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Lesson #2 during Corona - How Grateful are we for our Freedom?

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

There are all these "things" we are grateful for everyday that we post on social. Our families, jobs, cars, health, spouse, kids, food on the table the list is endless, but how often are we truly grateful for our freedom to exist and to be able to go wherever we want.

- To get up and go and have a coffee with a friend.

- Driving to work in the morning sitting in a meeting and having serious conversations.

- Jumping in our cars and going away for a weekend.

- Visiting the museums.

- Quickly going to the shop because we forgot to get something on our list.

- Walking our dogs.

- Spending hours in malls.....

What does freedom taste like? You will only truly be grateful for the taste of freedom, once you do not have it anymore. Then why do we think it is fine to cage animals, pollute their sky and ocean? Why are we being kept in and locked in our homes? Is it to teach us a lesson that we are destroying earth with all our dirty habits, because we are selfish humans who only care about ourselves? Why do we have the right to be free but other living species not? What makes us better? The simple answer is nothing!

The freedom to eat and drink whenever, whatever we want. Our greediness and entitlement to think we can just stop at KFC and order anything we like and get it immediately. How many restaurants were there 100 years ago? Did the humans survive? Did they care and love their families? What were they living for? One thing only and that is their families, not socializing and seeing who can post the most pictures of where they have been.

Believe me I LOVE travelling and socializing, it is my thing! This has grounded me again to be grateful for the freedom I had to just jump on a plane and take off, something I took for granted. Now that it has been taken away for a while I have more gratitude than ever for my freedom.

Lesson #2 from Corona: Be grateful for your freedom

Dear Humans, remember to be grateful, not only for the "things" you can touch and feel, but the "things" we take for granted daily. The best lessons are learned during the hardest time. Use this time to reflect on what is important.

Look out for more lessons learned during #Corona

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