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How to stay sane during the Corona Virus - List with plenty of FREE lockdown activities right here⬇

Updated: Mar 7

So you’re in #StayAtHome and you’re tired of talking about the news with your cellmates. Some of us are going crazy not being able to go places and do the fun things that we were used to doing. It is not easy, but there are a few things you can do before you lose your mind. Activities you did not do back in the good old days, during your “normal” life.

The options are endless, although all of them are not for everyone. There’s plenty of fun things to do at home from watching series on Netflix to decluttering your home. You do not need to be super active or domesticated every day. Rotate your schedule to one day of FUN things and the next something more productive to show what you have done.

COVID – 19 has turned your life upside-down with #StayAtHome to reduce the spread of the virus. Nevertheless, you’re probably heavily frustrated and the cabin fever is driving you nuts.

Don’t fear we can try and make light of the situation, there are still plenty of free things left to do.

We’ve collated a list of fun and free things to do using your internet connection or items you already have lying around to get you through the weeks of lockdown.

  1. Connect Virtually with Friends and Family using Zoom, Hangouts or Skype

  2. Board-games and card games

  3. Netflix and chill

  4. Read a book

  5. Listen to Podcasts

  6. Try new recipes

  7. Online streaming of concerts

  8. Sleep, meditate, treat yourself to a home spa day

  9. Rip out those old Photo albums, LP's, CD's or any memories and take a trip down memory lane - Reflect

  10. Join a free online course – up your skills it can only be good for you career

  11. Declutter those cupboards and donate to charity – deep cleaning tips

  12. Virtually Travel the world from your Phone

  13. Over 500 Virtual Tours of Museums and galleries - Arts and culture

  14. Have a house party

  15. Shop online and support your local community

It is ultimately your decision how you would like to spend your FREE time during this epidemic. Be safe and have an attitude of gratitude.

Here is just a bonus summary of some the things you can do.⬇⬇⬇⬇

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