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Embrace the Dirty Thirties 🍾

The dirty 30’s are the best years in terms of knowing what you want in life and maturing, but also struggling with being in the middle - YOUNG OR OLD. Then there is a difference between knowing what you want in life and to get it. This struggle is real as your mind tells you one thing, but to complete this picture is a different story.

In your 20’s you were more carefree, and you did not worry much about the day of tomorrow, but when 30 strikes it gets real and you start overthinking about the future. Have you done enough in the past to make a success of the future, the pressure is on if you are not married or had children. The transition from 20's – 30's is hectic and you start putting pressure on yourself and take life way more seriously.

You realize what you missed out on in the 20's and look forward to growing older, but gracefully. One of the main concerns is about looks/aging in the transition. No longer does certain things matter, but the one thing that bothers most woman is appearance and aging which is inevitable to happen no matter how hard we try to prevent it.

30’s opens the doors to prolonged hangovers and less energy to keep up partying. Grey hair appears and more frequent visits to the hairdresser will be needed.

1. You begin to lose bone mass

2. You experience your sexual peak

3. You may experience a higher likelihood of depression

4. You stop producing high amounts of human growth hormone

5. You produce less collagen

So, you’re thirty years old. You have made it through the worst!!! With all the above in mind and all the mixed feelings there is a lot to be positive about. Embrace your thirties and live more deliberately, get your ducks in a row, and come to terms with the fear of aging.

Make the most of your 30’s

1. Spend your time wisely – Do not waste time and money on people or “stuff” which does not edify or improve your life. Be daring

2. Stop Comparing yourself – accept yourself the strengths and weaknesses

3. Accept yourself for who you are – Yes you are getting older the wrinkles are appearing be real with yourself about these changes, it happens to everyone it is life

4. Learn to be comfortable alone – you do not have to conform to the standard of marriage and kids just because you 30 there are no rules ENJOY that time alone

5. Find time for yourself – so if you married with kids your responsibilities are endless, you need to schedule at least 30 minutes a day for yourself for a walk, bath or anything your heart desires

6. Express yourself Don’t give a sh*t about what other people think, no need to fit in anymore, wear what you want to and say what you feel

Don’t let your fear consume you – Face that fear, it is a choice. Acknowledge what you are afraid of aging, is it the possibility of death, career goals, pressure, and expectations to conform to the norm? Identify your problems and realize that they are only as important as you let them be.

You are fabulous, be kinder to yourself!

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