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COVID 19 - What is "Business as Usual"?

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Is there even such a thing?

These last three weeks I have seen hundreds of posts, comments, blogs and presentations on how to over come the hurdles we are all facing. Every single one of them talks about highlighting your interest in showing how “you care”.

The world, communities, business and it’s people have been capsized by COVID19.

I find myself thinking of how things have changed for members of my team and I (even while showering or doing lunges on my small patio). How the tactics, processes and approaches we have taken previously, will have to take a sharp left!

How disruption has affected us all.

I, for one, usually try and find the silver lining in everything… and I see it!!

There is always a solution and there is always a work around, it’s all about WANTING AND WORKING to the solution, as well as having the guts to put in the time, effort and sometimes, your name on the line.

I have seen more empathy and 'human' from my clients and candidates, than I have seen in years. Recruitment is becoming less of a transactional process and I couldn't be happier!!

I’ve had many people, through the years, tell me I am "too kind" or "too friendly" and have even been told that I’m "too honest" and that I "try too hard".

Well, I, for one, am so glad I am all those things.

The current state of the world needs kindness, needs care and needs some kind of friendship, whatever level that be!

Maybe it’s just me, but, I enjoy being the support; the shoulder to cry on, the first call of the day, that has you laughing or dancing on your way to an interview or your last day in the office.

It’s not about what you do for people, it’s how you make them feel while you help them in getting what they need!

My mom told me as child; “Treat the tea lady with the same, or with even more respect, than the principal. You don’t know what hell she has been through today. And when you need help, she will be the first one who comes running, not the principal

And, finally, I see it playing out before me.

Be the kindness you want to see the world, and you will be shown grace and favour. That is my business as usual.

From the Mouth of the Recruitment Specialist

Theoca Voges

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