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Corona Lockdown Diaries Day 8 to 11 - Janine Swanich Atkins aka The drama queen👑

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Day 8:

Eventful day. Got the teenager to sweep and hang washing out while I attended to work emails. Attempted Maths with 7yr old in between. More tears. Will try again tomorrow.

I put on lip gloss, mascara and earrings, and headed out to Woolies Village Square. I felt the need to wave at passing cars, smile at everyone and even chat to security that sprays hand sanitizer when you enter shop. Walking through the parking lot was amazing. I felt like Miss World after being crowned, strutting towards the Woolies entrance. Yoh it was good to get out.

I wanted to take photos, but thought that it might be a tad o.t.t extra jy weet.

I actually went to get fresh veggies as I'm making veggie soup due to the number I saw on the scale this morning... But ate 5 chocolates before writing this post. It's a lost cause. Bought the veggies and fruit, chips, chocolates, non healthy microwave food (remember the family here have amnesia and forget to feed themselves unless I make food and dish it up). Upon my return from shop I did ask if anyone had bothered with lunch. All said no. That was 3pm. You see what I mean?

So Woolies had no veg. Was thus forced to go to Checkers. Yay actually. Wanted to high 5 everyone and skip down every aisle.

I saw some bizarre masked folk at Woolies. Two ladies looked like they wore welding masks.

Anyways, it was lovely just driving again and being alone in my car.

Decided to be a rebel and parked my car along side the road and answered emails and whatsapps. So bad of me.

Scarlett is onto her 3rd outfit for the day. I just love laundry.

Justin had virtual drinks with his team and then slippy slide fun with Scarlett.

We swapped avo's for wine with our lovely neighbors and it was divine chatting at gate, keeping social distance of course. We would not break the law.

Suppose I best get to dishing up soup because no one else will.

Looking forward to the weekend. Pointless video calling my friends now as they probably pissed by now.

Day 9:

A productive yet lazy day. The 2nd Saturday in lockdown. My dear husband promised last night that this morning he will be making bacon and French toast for breakfast. I allowed him a sleep in. Shame, those 2 bottles of wine he finished probably was a bit too much for him last night. By 10h03 this morning I decided to get up as clearly breakfast was not going to happen. I waited so long that Comet decided my neck was the best place to sleep on/in. Such a needy dog. Husband finally raised himself from bed. By now I was miff as I had been looking forward to being served food. I thus decided that the house needed cleaning and sanitizing. Family not impressed. Scarlett and I made a truce to only attempt home schooling from Monday again. This time via online. Aerin and Scarlett painted rocks. Harley had a party for 1, chasing water. I realized that slippers are the new heels. Women across the globe will be going back to work bra-less and wearing slippers.

Husband made the proposed breakfast for lunch and it was delicious. Thank you husband. I decided today the dishwasher can do with a break as no one seems to pack items in it, or away. The fairies do. So the zinc started piling up. Did hint to teen the other day that when the dishes start to smell, to maybe just rinse them. Hinted to husband too. Seeing as I'm the only one in family that has gel nails I clearly was not going to wash dishes. Well like the food amnesia, I have family who are either deaf, or ignore blatant hints.

Finally I got stuck into dishes. All were warned that if any gel lifts or chips off nail , this lockdown will be most unpleasant from day 10 onward.💅🏻

I was surprised that all chipped in to help drying dishes enthusiastically. Even the arrogant 7 year old wanted to help. Without me begging, screaming or bribing. They are conniving little twats that do tend to surprise you when you least expect it. It still lies and tells me it cleaned its room, which looks like a unicorn threw up in it and pooed out clutter. I've resorted to closing that bedroom door so as to not affect my sanity.

Teen and 7 year old did well today. Husband and I ate chocolates on couch with a drink and watched a movie. Family will be watching Malificent later. Scarlett has been begging me to watch some Disney Zombie movie with her. Today felt like a real lazy normal Saturday, thus the cabin fever was not bad. I wish News24 would update their stories more frequently, as I have read every article. Daily. Even the weather. Rain predicted tomorrow so get your washing done soon. Over n out. Have a great Saturday evening everyone x

Day 10 (feels like day 110):

I realized today that we are not even halfway into lockdown. We still have 11 days to go. Hopefully. Please let this not be extended. Please I'm begging. Technically tomorrow lunch time we can start an official count down. Very proud in that the company I work for, Freightmore, together with my client, and my help of course, let's just note that right there, got to deliver a massive consignment this morning to the Western Cape Health Dept. It was all Covid stuff like masks, ventilators, protective gear etc, that client had chartered in privately by plane. We collected the entire plane's items on Friday after customs clearance and organised to have it delivered to Foreshore today. My Sunday... As you can see by my pics, the dogs love me. Too much. All but Gracie, decided to sleep on top of me. A 70kg horse makes your legs go numb. I decided to make a pork belly roast. This has just been devoured. I doubt anyone besides me went back for seconds on the veggies. Veggies I bought on my last outing especially. Think that was Day 7. Malva pudding to follow. Also bought on Day 7. Should actually just go eat it alone in bathroom. Topic of conversation at lunch table was the 7yr old asking if we all like our bums. Why? Also, said mentioned child has lost the ability to use a fork while eating. I can't deal. Grease paws aargh. As mentioned yesterday, a unicorn threw up in Scarlett's bedroom. This morning 784 My Little Ponies were added. Village and all. All unpacked by her, but then wants its cell because it is bored. That room ain't gonna tidy itself sista. If anyone hears screams and shouting in Kenridge later today , please don't call child welfare or Jerry Springer. It's just me loosing my shit with her and her inability to tidy up her room. Or wherever she plays. Or sits. Or eats. Dogs have been napping. All 4 of them. Peace in dog department. Sister sent me photos of her banana bread she baked and some Guinness pie they were making. Me thinks everyone is going to get one moerse Eskom electricity bill after lockdown as everyone's kitchens are super busy it seems. I've downloaded a calorie counting app. Still need to complete it. Actually I need to start it. According to app I have not eaten. Maybe I'll start counting after the malva pudding. Not much planned on this Sunday other than avoiding Scarlett's bedroom and seeing what is good on Netflix. Hope everyone is keeping safe, and sane. Reading the news I think we are still in for a rough ride with this virus globally. I've just asked the teenager to make me coffee. It has lived here for 2 weeks and this is the 1st time I've asked it for a cup. It said no. I was like wtaf. The virtual interview with Die Son will be at 3h30 today. Save me. If there are aliens out there, come and fetch me now.

Day 11:

Woke up to the sound of the rain, was so lekker. Hubby brought me a Nespresso in bed. Work emails followed.

Dogs... Well actually only Rosie, clearly was not going to get her gucci paws wet, so proceeded to shit in the house twice, and make a huge wee inside. Puppy joy hey.

Got frustrated working off my cell so decided to go work at office for 2 hours or so. Got quite a bit done, missed my coffee cup and bonded with kettle. Was all alone in office but it made the day fly.

When I got home, these delicious honey and olives were on my kitchen counter. I'm loving this barter system lol. Thank you Eddy for fetching the avo's and to Teresa and Debbie for spoiling us with your treats. Debbie's olives were phenomenal. We had quite a bit with dinner.

Nicole reminded me about Matific, a cool online learning program the school uses. Aerin got Scarlett set up on the pc and so home schooling started with joy today.

I've printed off some 'fun' Maths and phonics stuff for tomorrow for her to do. Wish me luck.

Played a snakes n ladders game with 7 year old, omw she can cheat and change the rules.

All in all, a good day.

Over and out it was real - Janine Swanich Atkins

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