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Corona Lockdown Diaries Day 1 to 3 - Janine Swanich Atkins aka The Diva💃

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

DAY 1:

Day 1 went OK. I ran/attempted to run/slothed/OK I hobbled, 2km,challenge for day 1 done. Fked up my knee doing star jumps and now can't move. This morning I worked in my "office" with my furr colleagues. We had meetings and all, but then I fired them all for farting too much in said office. They are not productive.

DAY 2:

Hubby drove me to Intercare to see doc over knee. Have big inflammation in it. No video of me being athletic will be posted today. Instead I shall converse with furr kids after their nap.

DAY 3:

Started out with a well deserved sleep in. Boy dogs licked their balls. Justin looked sad that he could not reach his own in same way.

I decided that today is a good day to clean house. Aerin and Scarlett swept and mopped patios. I dusted and disinfected. Justin in charge of vacuuming. Washing was done yesterday. Lunch will be my spectacular chicken curry left over with rotis. Later in the day I shall be video calling the birthday girl Linda, and have a virtual wine with her. I think I will bring out the Warwick Fist Lady cabernet for this. Rest of day I plan to irritate the family. My knee is feeling a million times better thanks to amazing drugs the doc prescribed me. I might have to do a Jane Fonda workout due to chocolates consumed last night.

Tomorrow it's back to working from home.

Lookout for some more diary entries from our Diva... the longer the lockdown, the juicier it gets. The first 3 days were mild it becomes SPICY!! We will take it slow before we shock you. See how the crazy increases after a few days.

Eventually you will get to know this phenomenal lady and the history behind her becoming the fabulous woman she is today.

All woman need to share their "CRAZY"; what life is realistically and not how it is perceived.

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