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Corona Life Lesson #4 - Do you know how powerful your Thoughts are?

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

The mind is a powerful tool playing tricks on us. The tricks become harder to control or make sense of during tough times, like Corona. Your thoughts are all over the show! And no matter how rich or poor you are, Corona is affecting your mental health and thoughts in some way. Your whole routine has changed; therefore, your thought process needs to adapt.

At this stage of the pandemic, overthinking is part of your daily routine. It’s the new “brushing your teeth”. I’m sure, like me and many people I’ve spoken to recently, you think you’ve been dreaming, and you feel this is surreal – as though this can only happen in the movies. With everything you are being exposed to on all media platforms; and the topic of any conversation you have with someone covering COVID19, your mind is overactive the entire day. This will be different for everyone; whether you lost your income or business, being caged in with family or just not mentally coping with this strange period we are going through.

For some, the “normal” way of dealing with things you are struggling to come to terms with – dealing with all this “stuff” – would be to go for a long jog or have a coffee with a friend. Now we cannot live with that luxury – we must cope and work through this all internally - all these emotions and overthinking.

I know the story. You’ve been dreaming about going back to bed since you got up this morning. After a day of confusion and misdirection, you finally climb into your bed. You’re excited to lay down your weary head and drift off to nowhere land. But just as you’re falling asleep, there it is! That thought pops into your mind. “Did you do enough today?”

Then another, “I was probably moody and rude today… I hope no one took offence”….. “What does it mean?” ….” Where will I go from here?”.

Suddenly, you find yourself in the middle of a downward spiral. Right down that rabbit hole. Anxiety Central. Did you get your complimentary drink on arrival? You’re thinking about that time, which feels like a lifetime ago, was so different to what you are living right now.

Great! Sleep is now not an option.

We all know the saying “thinking about something is not going to change it, so what is the use?” But to control this is a tricky bugger, and much easier said than done.

I think we can agree that we are all slipping and sliding, wondering down the path where our mind becomes our worst enemy.

I asked around. Here are some ways to master that “crazy” mind:

- Read, Read, Read – flex your memory muscle (and no – not about CORONAAAA)

- Make time for stillness - meditation

- Pursue meaning over pleasure in all you do

- Let it be (leave the Nutella – you can’t eat this problem away)

- Unplug and recharge - put away all electronics for 2 hours

- Let your mind wander - give yourself 15 minutes to just overthink and get it out

- Linger on the positive

- Build daily rituals

- Don’t sweat the small stuff (no one cares if you don’t do the ironing today)

Bottom Line: Your mind is a powerful tool; and like any other tool, it can be used for constructive or destructive purposes. Choose wisely!

You can allow your mind to be occupied by unwanted, undesirable and destructive tenants. Or, you can choose desirable tenants like peace, gratitude, compassion, love, and joy.

Your mind can become your best friend, your biggest supporter, and someone you can count on to be there and encourage you. The choice is yours!

Corona Life Lesson #3: The mind is a Powerful Tool - Use it to your benefit! Put overthinking aside!

Dear Humans, remember how powerful the mind is! Don’t be too hard on yourself, or on your thoughts during this time. The best lessons are learned during the hardest times. Use this time to reflect on what is important.

Look out for more #CoronaLifeLessons

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