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Corona Life Lesson #3: Life is short – live the sh*t out of it!

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

We keep thinking tomorrow is promised to us, and that we still have time. A lot of humans live with the motto: “tomorrow is another day”. In reality, tomorrow might not be just another day; it might be your last day for many things, like:

- Kissing your mother on the cheek

- Driving to work

- Eating your favorite meal

- Meeting a friend to catch up

- Having your hair and nails done

- Hugging everyone you see (lets be honest, this whole thing has been tough on us huggers)

- Big family gatherings, or even a small braai

- Going to church, the list is endless….

All these “things” that we had to kiss goodbye, for lockdown.

Look on the bright side! Now you have time to reflect on the following:


- Remembering how important home life, and family, is

- Selfishness (and being aware of it!)

- Patience

- Essential things in life: water, food & medicine

- How to help those in need

- That luxuries have no REAL value

- We do not need as much as we think, we can survive well with the bare minimum

- The ability to Just Be You! No rush, just…be

It has pushed us to live a little. Life is short!

Call that loved one and ask them how they are doing! Have conversations, be present and take a moment – stop with your phone or with work. I often have conversations with people and think, “Just get done! I have work to do!”. I walk away, and honestly, I cannot even remember what they said to me... The scary thing is, in these times, those people are surrounding you and they are the only ones you can talk to outside of work!

Life is not always rainbows and butterflies; but we all have one thing in common - we want to be happy and fulfilled. Make the most of everyday you have by being your true self. Do not change for people; live with integrity, each moment of the day - you will always have yourself! And, so what! Who cares what strangers think? They are not going to be around forever. Strangers are not the people that make you happy. YOU are your number one fan. Live freely and love without holding back. Starting with yourself!

In this negative time, try to see the positive by training your mind. In the words of Jane Framingham, “when things seem to go wrong, stop your mind right there and try not to let it give into despair.”

Always try look on the bright side of life, there will be something positive in every situation - whether it is teaching you a lesson now or making you stronger. During this time your mind will wonder to the negative; but for one moment reflect and think of all the lessons you are learning during this time, how you are evolving as a person. There are so many positive outcomes we can be grateful for during this time, keep your eye out for them. Soon, you will see even more!

Corona Life Lesson #3: Life is shortlive everyday like it’s your last. STOP wasting your time on things that are not important!

Dear Humans, remember to live each day to the fullest, like it is your last. Be present in every moment of the day and available to the people who will always be there for you. The best lessons are learned during the hardest time. Use this time to reflect on what is important.

Look out for more #CoronaLifeLessons

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