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Lockdown Beauty Tips - Back to the Basics🛀🏻

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

I have been chatting to my girlfriends daily and seems that there are a few similar concerns and frustrations coming up. It might not appear to be a top priority right now but maintaining a regular beauty routine at home can help keep the spirits up during the tough days of isolation ahead. As hair, nail and beauty salons are closed to help fight corona, it is yet another service which is missed by many ladies.

My one friend said this week “I have 3 lashes left”.

We get it. It’s been weeks since South Africa went under lockdown and your eyebrows and body hair are acting up. If grooming sessions, that were previously outsourced, have become the need of the hour for you, we suggest you take matters into your own hands.

At-home grooming, including skincare, waxing, pedicures and more, have potential if you know a bit of beauty DIY tips. While men can give themselves a not-so-bad haircut and a shave at home, a woman’s regimen is a tad elaborate. But worry not, ladies, we bring you some simple tips that will get you sorted!

Below is a short info graphic you can download to your phone and have it at hand when you go and do the essential shopping📝

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From one woman to another let's help each other get through isolation👊

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